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23 Nov 2021

Fine fabric Cleaning 

Fine fabrics such as Velvets silks viscose etc need to be approached in a different way.

They will not tolerate the heavy approach normally applied to synthetics.

Just look how dull and lifeless this fabric looked before today's cleaning took place.

There was a film of dirt and oil stopping this gorgeous luxury velvet shine, well not any more.


22 Nov 2021

Plymouth upholstery cleaning services 

Today's upholstery Involved extraction of dog oils and more !

Take A look at the picture displayed, you can see the effect of the enzyme chemicals at work doing there thing 👌, my upholstery tool cuts right through whilst being efficiently extracted!

The sofa was left with a 14day active sannitiser application.

The lavender deodoriser used to finish with.

One sofa smelling fab feeling soft and totally clean and fresh to kick back and relax on again 😁

17 Nov 2021

Dining chairs

My customer attacked these chairs with over the shelf purchased detergents and went to town on them with all kinds of cleaning methods.

I beleive a hair dryer was also used.

Oil based cleaning liquids coupled with heat causes serious damage most of the time !

Luckily I am an upholstery restoration specialist 👊

17 Nov 2021

Professional carpet cleaning 

Professional carpet cleaning can seriously make a difference. This particularly large stained area was tough to lift.

But not to tough for Nitro Nick 😁👌

31 Oct 2021

Traffic Lanes

Your main traffic lanes are always first to get trampled and dirty, depending on how busy your house or working space is, these areas need intense treatment and the colour of the water extracted from these areas is ALWAYS black !
28 Oct 2021

Over the shelf products 

Over the shelf products were used on this already worn carpet, the residue in these products remained in the fibres and attracted even more dirt.
Most of these products contain a bleaching agent which attempts to hide the contamination to the eye.
It needs to be extracted with expert knowledge and equipment!
Luckily I was able to blend the damage created using advanced techniques 👌
28 Oct 2021

Paint Spillage 

Decorating can get messy, paint spillages needs to be extracted with expert knowledge and solutions.

Luckily plymouth Nitro carpet cleaning has all the expert knowledge you need to get the job done 👌

30 Sep 2021

Luxury Upholstery 

Luxurious genuine cotton velvet upholstery needs to be approached in a very different way than your average fabric.
Specialist training, solutions, techniques applied the Nitro way 👌
21 Sep 2021

Afghan hand knotted rug

These hand made rugs need to be cleaned using advanced techniques and solutions, they are stunning pieces when cleaned correctly.
17 Sep 2021

Refreshed & sannitised 

Another sofa cleaned & sannitised and smelling fresh again !
3 Sep 2021

Commercial carpet cleaning 

Office carpet cleaning today,  whilst using some more advanced stain removal techniques.

This had to be ph tested then chemical and technique chosen accordingly.

Check out the removal in my video section 👌

27 Aug 2021

Another packed out week

Advanced booking are always the best way to secure an appointment with Plymouth nitro carpet cleaning services, this way we can get you booked in for a day and time best suitable for you 👍
26 Aug 2021

Customer satisfaction 

Another great review for Plymouth Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services,

We are a 5 star reviewed service and take great pride in this.

Your satisfaction is and always will be paramount to us !

24 Aug 2021

Professional carpet cleaning can really make a difference 👌

Todays appointment had a set of stairs and landing that hadn't been cleaned in a long time.

Keeping regular with professional carpet cleaning can really make a difference in your home, aesthetically and hygienically 👌

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