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22 Jul 2021

End of tenancy carpet cleaning 

End of tenancy cleaning today.
Had a rather large enzyme based stain to remove on the landing.
As you can see, no problem for Plymouth Nitro carpet cleaning services! 
Online receipt sent so these customers can get there full deposit back in there pocket from the estate agents, and another fab review left 👌
8 Jul 2021

Upholstery cleaning 

This sofa had been covered with blankets and my customers made the attempt to try and keep it away from all the renovation work which they are currently having.

Unfortunately the dirt and dust made its way to the sofa anyway.

So much dirt and contamination came out of this sofa. 

Its now looking and smelling super fresh again 👌

7 Jul 2021

Another sofa cleaned 

Pet stains, food stains sugary drinks and water marks are all removed and made to look and smell fresh again 👌
2 Jul 2021

Upholstery cleaning 

With advanced training and good experience produces results like these !

There is a lot of chemistry which you need to be trained thoroughly in before you start getting these kind of results.

Nitro carpet & upholstery cleaning services loves a challenge 👌

24 Jun 2021

More happy customers 

Some amazing views on this mornings upholstery cleaning appointment.

Nitro carpet cleaning also has some more very happy customers too 👌

18 Jun 2021

Blood Stains Removal 

Blood stains are notoriously challenging to remove due to enzymes and the high iron content.
A lot of customers make the mistake of using hot water to attempt removal ! NEVER USE HEAT whilst attempting to remove this type of contamination from your fibres, luckily the conditions for this advanced removal technique today was favourable.
Another happy customer 🙂👌
25 May 2021

Upholstery cleaning 

Another sofa cleaned & sannitised and made to smell fresh again the Nitro way 👌

5 May 2021

Deodorising and sannitising

Plymouth Nitro carpet cleaning will always place sannitisers and deodorisers into the mix so that your home will not only be safe but smell amazing too !
5 May 2021

Nitro carpet cleaning blog post

Here at Nitro carpet and upholstery cleaning services we always love to hear great feedback.

We make your happiness paramount !

Without you there is no us ! 

This is why we give 100 percent on every appointment!

1 May 2021
Downderry holiday lets
Downderry holiday lets

Holiday lets carpet cleaning 

Some amazing views whilst carpet cleaning downderry holiday lets today🙂👍
1 May 2021
Car seat restoration
Car seat restoration

Car seat restoration

Another busy day today with a lot of carpet cleans.

Plymouth Nitro carpet and upholstery cleaning services still had time to do some restoration work for a customer who has been restoring a 30 year old vw golf 🚘

1 May 2021

Advanced stain removal 

A tough one today in plymouth, but another happy customer 🙂👍
1 May 2021
Restoration of some upholstery
Restoration of some upholstery

Upholstery Restoration Cleaning 

Nitro carpet and upholstery cleaning services are fully trained in advanced stain removal and restoration of all fabric types.
1 May 2021
Stain Removal
Stain Removal

Stain Removal Services 

Another successful stain removal and another happy customer, this one had to be PH tested as the client didnt know what the stain was.  🙂👍
Mr N Walklin