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3 Aug 2022

Dirty Upholstery 

We love dirty upholstery at plymouth Nitro carpet upholstery cleaning service.

it’s always extremely satisfying seeing the results 👊

1 Aug 2022

Nitro Reviews

Here at Plymouth Nitro carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services we are always striving to achieve the absolute premium standard of service for our customers.

We love the many reviews we have on all our platforms 😁👍


22 Jul 2022

Upholstery cleaning 

A combination of food and drink spills and over the shelf products used to attempt to combat these stains !

Cleaned Up like new again.

Nitro at it again 💪

6 Jul 2022

Stain Removal Specialist 

Blood on a wool carpet is notoriously challenging to remove, many variables to consider such as medication a customer could be taking, over the shelf products possibly used and wick backs that can occur post clean etc.

Luckily Nitro Nick has your back on this.


5 Jun 2022

Commercial Cleaning 

Another busy day @ Ashtorre rock social club, cleaning carpets and upholstery.

For commercials we offer out of hours services 👊

1 Jun 2022

Sofa cleaning 

Heavily soiled sofas are no problem for Nitro carpet upholstery cleaning services 👊

13 May 2022


Here at Nitro we really do try our best to make you the customer 100 percent happy all the time.

without you there is no us 😀

9 May 2022


Nitro Efficiency From The Word Go !

No Hassle Booking !

Nitro Response Times !

Professional Trained Experienced Technician and the most important thing ………….RESULTS !!!👊

2 May 2022

Coffee Stain Removal

Stain removal is never 100 percent guaranteed, there are so many variables to consider such as length of time, fibre composition over the shelf products used etc, rest assured here at Nitro we really know what we are doing, we have been in the business for some time and will always strive to achieve the best results humanly possible! 

We have an extremely high success rate no matter the stain, this is down to ongoing training experience and vast knowledge that has been retained over the years 👊

21 Apr 2022

Caravan Upholstery Cleaning 

Todays job was to clean some upholstery in a popular caravan park just outside of Modbury.

Amazing customers and a lovely place to relax and watch the world go by.

Lots of dirt was extracted from these benches as you can see from the pic illustrated. 👊

5 Apr 2022

Nitro Power 👊

These chairs had some very heavy soiling !

No problem for Nitro carpet upholstery cleaning services 😁

2 Mar 2022

Rug Cleaning 

The picture speaks for itself 👌😁
23 Feb 2022


Another hallway, another job well done 👌
10 Feb 2022


Another footstool ready to kickback and relax on 😁 
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