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5 Apr 2022

Nitro Power 👊

These chairs had some very heavy soiling !

No problem for Nitro carpet upholstery cleaning services 😁

2 Mar 2022

Rug Cleaning 

The picture speaks for itself 👌😁
23 Feb 2022


Another hallway, another job well done 👌
10 Feb 2022


Another footstool ready to kickback and relax on 😁 
8 Feb 2022

Nitro Power 👊

With the correct training and years of experience!

Anything is possible ! 👌

5 Feb 2022

More restoration work

Another Busy Day restoring some upholstery that had gotten far to wet by a customer !

Just look at the difference!

4 Feb 2022

Another Restoration Clean

Today's customers used an over the shelf cleaner on there natural fibre chair.

Unfortunately far to much water was pumped in with detergent solutions with to high an alkaline PH causing these black water marks !

Luckily Plymouth Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services have the knowledge to remedy this and restore the chair back to its former glory 👌

2 Feb 2022

Rug Doctor Restoration 

Today's appointment was another rug doctor restoration!
I do 1 or 2 of these jobs a month.
These machines just don't have the power to extract the water that is pumped in sometimes, creating a very unpleasant odour due to bacteria breeding In your fibres. 
The chemicals (substandard solutions) stay in your carpets, all that soapy residue attracts a lot more dirt a lot more quickly.
30 Jan 2022


No matter the composition of your carpets, Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services has your back !
Fully trained and experienced in all carpet and upholstery types, sisal wool silk viscose etc, we have the experience and the knowledge to get your fibres cleaned safely and effectively 👊
29 Jan 2022

E.O.T Carpet Cleaning 

Even old worn rental carpets need cleaning, especially if it's an end of tenancy.

Online receipts will be generated for you to show your landlords and estate agents which has become a requirement these days.

22 Jan 2022

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning 

Today's appointment was a commercial premises.

When cleaning commercial properties we offer a low moisture option, (pad capping) this option keeps disruption at a minimum.

Carpets are dry before we leave and with a anti soil retardant to help keep your carpets cleaner longer ! 

21 Jan 2022

Another Busy Day !

Another Busy Day @ Plymouth Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services.

Please always try to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

21 Jan 2022


A dog made its home on this poufee, I use a professional 5 step process and every process is an important as the other. 

Commercial vac gets all of the dry soil loads out !

Pre spray, The chemical chosen accordingly for the soil load

Agitation, Helps work the chosen solution into the fabric

Rinse & Extract, Gets the soil load out, also conditions the fabric

spotter treatment, For those stubborn stains that need special attention

The solution chosen on this was an enzyme solution due to the dog oils released into the fabric, as you can see in one of the pics it emulsify's the contamination.

This let's me rinse and extract with ease ! Making the Upholstery fresh and clean again !

20 Jan 2022

Maintenance Carpet Cleaning 

Today's appointment was a maintenance clean, regular professional carpet cleaning will prolong the life expectancy of your carpets 👌
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