Plymouth Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services 

Plymouth Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services 


Professional Cleaning Methods for Carpet And Upholstery 

Carpet cleaning process

Carpet cleaning process

Professional Five Step Process Of Plymouth Nitro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services 

Before the process begins we do a thorough inspection of the carpet or upholstery for damages loose threads etc that could potentially cause a problem during the clean, your carpet is my priority and the clean must be done safely.

The first step and a very important step which is sometimes over looked by other carpet and upholstery cleaners is a very good commercial dry vac.

It is essential to get every last bit of dry soilage out of the carpet or upholstery and the commercial vac we use is very effective being atleast 3-4 times more powerful than most domestic vacuum cleaners.

Pre-spray treatment will then be used to treat the soilage and breakdown the dirt in your carpet & fabrics.

What kind of soil load will determine what type of pre spray will be used.

When dealing with pet urine blood contamination etc, an enzyme treatment will need to be used.

Only the most premium highest grade up to date effective chemicals are used for this, i achieve amazing results because of my experience and knowledge of what fibres and chemicals to use on a job, i will only ever use child and pet friendly chemicals.

I would then proceed to agitate the product into the carpet and fabrics which will help cover the whole of the fibre to make the process more effective.

Depending on what chemical has been chosen there could be a short dwell time, this can vary depending on soilage.

This is when the process proceeds to the rinse and extraction stage.

Once again this is with the most professional highest spec machine on the market today, i had to get this machine made to order and shipped from the states as they do not make them in this country.

As always only the highest premium grade child and pet friendly chemicals will be used for this process.

I also add to the mix something called surface shield which kills a lot of viral strains including the coronaviris, it actively lasts for up to 14 days.

I will normally ask if you would like deodorisers placed in the mixture as this is down to personal preference.

After rinse and extraction has successfully been completed i may go around only if required with a suitable spot cleaner for any specific spillages that may of happened by yourselves. (Tea/coffe etc) please note stain removal is normally a separate service as it requires time and patience and the right chemistry, i have had extensive training in stain removals and always keep myself up to date with new products and procedures, this is why i actively place myself in training atleast once a year.

Now the process is completed.

If i feel its necessary I will place air movers to accelerate drying times.

Drying times should only take a few hours depending on what fibre and fabric it is, i will give you this update after completion. 

Normally carpets are fairly dry before i even leave the premises depending on variable conditions.

Upholstery is slightly different depending on fabrics but i normally say 4- 8 hours but will update you once there and once i know what type of fabric i will be working on.

Mr N Walklin