Plymouth Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services 

Plymouth Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services 


Professional own label spot stain removal treatment

Plymouth Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning very own spot and stain remover, pet & child friendly, amazing on a variety of stains

Nitro carpet and upholstery cleaning services own label spotter treatment 

Nitro Carpet Cleaning Spot And Stain Remover

Get one of my own label spot and stain removers delivered to your home address.

Better than any over the shelf stain removers you can buy today, and a lot safer !

Does not contain bleeching agents and harmful ingredients with over the shelf products you buy at supermarkets.

I use these on a daily basis to professionally remove spots and stains from customer carpets and upholstery.

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Nitro carpet stain removals treatment 

My very own popular professional spot and stain removers.

You cannot by this product over any retail counter at the moment as i part formulate this myself and it is something that i use a lot of in my work as it is extremely effective.

An effective general detergent free spot and stain remover that is non-resoiling, leaves no sticky residue will NOT bleach, is enzyme free odourless and non flammable.

Does not affect anti-stain protections which maybe present.

Safe for all washable carpet and textiles.

Directions for use:

Blot fresh spillage with an absorbant cloth such as a WHITE kitchen towl to soak up any excess.

Spray lightly and continue to blot untill stain is removed.

DO NOT RUB, rinse with water and repeat treatment if necessary.

Always prestest in an inconspicuous area before use.

Mr N Walklin