Plymouth Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services 

Plymouth Nitro Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Services 


About me

Plymouth Business Owner And Technician

I'm a local lad born and raised in plymouth,

Becoming a professional self employed carpet and upholstery cleaner was not my goal in life strangely enough !

However after being taken on by a very successful cleaning company and working in the role for some time, it quickly became second nature for me to want to provide the very best professional service i could, and I realised by setting up my own business Nitro carpet and upholstery cleaning services, I could focus more on the quality rather than the quantity of work I take on.

Not everyone will be aware that there can be a lot of chemistry in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

With different enzymes and proteins to take into account before tackling a stain, which could result in drastic results if you were to choose a wrong chemical for the wrong fabric type.

This is where my extensive training, vast knowledge, expertise and experience come to the fore.

I take pride in my work and offer an individual professional expert service which i am extremely proud of.

Having many loyal customers I also make myself available for on hand advice if its ever required.

Mr N Walklin